User Information

Dear international client and partner,

As our target market is in a first step Germany, the cosmopol website is in this first step in German and not in English yet. We hope that the design and the product pictures give you an idea about the cosmopol concept and the brand.

cosmopol is designed as a concept-store and offers a selection of exclusive products from each region of the world. We offer products within the categories living, lifestyle, art, media, games and food.

Concerning our Clients

In a first step, we only ship within Germany on a standardized basis. If you want cosmopol products to be shipped outside Germany, please write us an email or call us +49 211 41605877.

Concerning Regional Scouts

We have a scouting network with people who give us their input regarding trendy and classic products from all over the world. We are very pleased to get your input as an expert for local products. In case you want to support us in any way just write us an email or call us +49 211 41605877.

Concerning our Suppliers

We are always looking for new brands and products, which fit to our product range. In case you are interested in supplying our product range, please contact us by email. The criteria for a product listing at cosmopol are the following:

  • Country of Origin: The product is strongly associated with a specific country
  • Exclusivity: The product is not available in similar form in ordinary department stores or discounters
  • High Quality: The product is made of high quality materials and components
  • Appearance: The product has a great a visual appearance and packaging
  • Trend vs. Classic: The product is particularly innovative or established

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Concerning our Wholesalers

If you are interested in wholesaling our products, please write us an email or call us +49 211 41605877.

Thank you very much.
Team cosmopol